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The Pros & Cons of Doing PDR Yourself

Nov 15

We're guessing that you've seen ads for the tools to remove dents or kits when you visited this blog. We're not going you know about them as they can cause us financial problems. While we're not able to stop you from trying out the kits for your car since, after all, it's your vehicle, we strongly advise against using it and suggest San Diego dent repair. It could end up costing your time, money, and frustration. We'd like to ensure the best for you and your car, so before you attempt DIY repair of a dent, you should read over the reasons that we suggest you leave repairs to the experts.


Can you do paintless dent repair yourself?

Bodyguard is a specialist in paintless dent repair. Paintless dent repair (or PDR) does the opposite. It repairs the damaged material to its original shape and keeps the factory paint. It doesn't need any sanding, painting, or repairs. The method is as follows:


  • An expert assesses the damage to determine the most effective repair technique. This can be accomplished by breaking a window, removing an interior panel, or by using a different method.

  • The technician then selects the appropriate tool for the task. Our experts have a variety of tools to choose from along with the experience and knowledge to determine which devices are ideal for certain types of damage.

  • The technician then gently massages the area until it is in place. He'll begin by focusing on the edge of the injury. The specialist gradually decreases the affected area until it completely disappears.


It's all about looks. It's not difficult at all.


Let's suppose your vehicle was struck by hail this spring. You might think that the resulting car hail damage is just cosmetic. The hassle of negotiating with your insurance company to get professional repairs isn't worth the effort, especially when you can find cheap San Diego dent repair kits and fix them yourself. Although we understand the need to avoid the issue, however, the value of your vehicle isn't something you should be playing on. When the time comes to sell or trade in your car, many are surprised by the amount "a tiny cosmetic issue" can cost. It is possible to think that a few hundred dollars will suffice to fix your vehicle, however, it could cost thousands. This could reduce the value of your vehicle by as much as five percent. It's worth the effort to have minor damaged repairs made professionally.


If DIY can help me save money, shouldn't it be worth trying?


Do-it-yourself dent repair is not like having your hair cut prior to going to the salon for a fix to the mistake. This isn't a case that can be resolved by trial and error. Why? Because insurance is involved. You have to make an insurance claim if your vehicle is damaged. If your car receives additional damage then the insurance company will take the initial damage as "pre-existing damage" and refuse to pay for it. If you cause further damages to your car it will be considered preexisting damage by the insurance company and refuse to pay for it. Yikes. This is a huge mistake that we don't believe is worth the risk. If you believe you'll escape be aware that your insurance provider will send an appraiser to assess the damage to your car before giving you a quote. This is exactly what appraisers will be looking for. Most of them have been through the block a few times.


There's another reason why attempting DIY dent repair prior to enlisting professionals' help could be a pricey mistake. Paintless dent removal is possible only when there aren't any marks on the car. If the factory paint is damaged in the beginning or after the repair attempts, paintless dent removal cannot be used to repair your car.

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