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Why Was Jim Staley Thrown in Prison? Because He Preyed on the Elderly and Stole From Them

Dec 18

Why Jim Staley Was Arrested. It's much worse.

Click here for Jim Staley Court Documents and Testimony Compilation.

Jim Staley cheated investors out of $3.4 million An elderly couple's life savings were invested in Jim Staley's scheme to make ten times their investment, and he was found guilty of fraud. He targeted the elderly because they wanted to make a nice investment for their children and grandchildren after they died. Until they lost everything, these elders were just trying to help. According to documentation from Staley's California-based insurance business, he not only misled his victims, but he lied.


Jim Staley, 40, was sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to refund $3.3 million to elderly investors. With his Christian faith and family values, he obtained $570,000 from elderly victims who trusted him. Several had dementia. He admitted to cheating others to create a $570,000 fortune.

On Wednesday, numerous victims and their relatives called him "disgusting and awful" in court. People trusted him because of his supposed Christian faith and family values, while others trusted him because of their declining mental health. Authorities said none were church members.
However, the daughter of a man who lost $155,000 in Staley's scheme claims the apology was created for church members.

Staley began with a basement Bible study in 2008, and began streaming live messages in 2009. He has since appeared on numerous Christian television and radio networks across the country. His church has about 200 local members and an international Christian Roots Movement following that adheres to the Bible's core doctrines. Contrary to a court order, Staley has stated in sermons that he was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" and blamed the economy.


Deceiving victims into believing billionaire Warren Buffett was an investor, Staley advised them to cash out on annuities, even though they would lose money. Despite the state's cease and desist order, he kept selling investments. He didn't tell clients about the order. Staley was found guilty of deceiving elderly people trying to make wise investments for their children and grandchildren.

Defense attorney Scott Rosenblum asked for a five-year sentence. According to federal sentencing guidelines, Assistant US Attorney Dianna Collins sought a term of nine to 114 years.

Jim Staley's sentencing report from St Louis Today is HERE.

With no prior criminal record or history of substance abuse, Judge E. Richard Webber emphasized Staley's steady marriage and home life when imposing the seven-year term. But, according to Webber, Staley had shown "absolutely little motivation to make repair" and had consistently minimized his wrongdoing.


The Christian Post - Passion for Truth Ministries Pastor Jim Staley Confesses to Cheating Investors Out of $3.3M and Pocketing $570K for Himself."I wasn't cheating small elderly ladies of their money," Staley said in a 2013 35-minute video response. After his arrest last year, he blamed investor losses on the recession.


Following his guilty plea, he was advised not to deny his guilt, but he claimed in an Aug. 1 sermon that he was merely "wrong place, wrong time." "My King and I know the truth," he said.


Due to those comments, Staley was refused credit for admitting responsibility.



According to Rosenblum, Staley's acknowledgment of guilt is a "process," and that he stopped dissecting words last week and admitted to having wicked motivations at some point.


Staley, wearing a blue button-down shirt and blue slacks, apologized to the court for being overzealous, not doing enough research on the deals, and not warning investors of possible losses.


"My faith forces me to do so," he stated.


Jim Staley featured in Charisma NewsVictims and authorities say Staley promised profits and persuaded some customers to cash in annuities despite "substantial" fines. They said he misrepresented Warren Buffett as an investor and that corporations were using the money in their 401k plans.


Prosecutors claim he continued to promote and recruit salespeople for bundled life insurance policies despite orders to stop. He failed to tell investors of an official cease-and-desist order.


Staley worked for the California-based B&B Equity Group. Various agents and their recruiters were investigated in other jurisdictions.


When questioned if Staley appeared to sincerely accept responsibility, Collins referenced to Rosenblum's previous statement about some people adopting various identities for different people. It could be the mask Staley wore today, she mused.


Following the hearing, a man's daughter alleged Staley's apology was "fabricated" for church members. They gathered in droves to show their support for Staley, forcing some to sit in the jury box and others to stand.

Jim Staley was released from prison on January 20, 2021. He's been doing interviews and discussion programs, contradicting the court documents' official story. And Jesus will defend him from Satan's attacks. The YouTube channel of Jim Staley's ministry was also blocked for lying about knowing and speaking to Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, and spreading dangerous conspiracy theories. The "Speaking Truth" allegedly got him banned from YouTube. On his website,, he asks for donations to his renewed ministry.


Staley has continued to criticize churches around the country, calling them "pagan" and promoting his Truth or Tradition doctrines.