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Truck Accident Attorney in St Louis, MO

Jan 14

Need a truck accident attorney in St Louis, MO? Let us help you. We have been handling truck accident cases in St. Louis, MO for the last 30 years, knowing how to win them. Call or contact us today with your details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What To Do If You're In A Truck Accident?

If you're in a truck accident and believe that truck was at fault, it's essential to be aware of the trucking laws in Missouri. In general, truckers must now maintain logs of their hours to verify their status as employees or independent contractors. Truck drivers also need to maintain evidence that they were not responsible for the accident, such as photos and videos. To see if trucking laws apply to your specific truck accident, contact a st louis accident lawyer with truck accident law experience. After a truck wreck, drivers often experience shock, fear, or anxiety that can result in them not noticing trucking laws that could help them receive compensation.

Hiring a St. Louis truck accident attorney with truck driving law experience can be beneficial because they know what to look for, talk about and how best to protect their client's interests after an accident like this happens. The truck traffic sanctions against careless drivers are much more stringent than those laid down in the usual car accidents involving two passenger vehicles.

How Can An Attorney Help?

Truck accidents are unlike any other injuries in that truck drivers don't always follow safety laws or do safety checks on their equipment. When truck accidents happen, truckers often fail to take responsibility for the accident with the intent of avoiding liability.

There are many reasons why truck accident victims need guidance from a st. louis truck accident lawyer.

First and foremost is your health - if you've been injured, your recovery needs to have someone representing you who can act quickly on your behalf concerning property damage or personal injury claims, medical needs following truck accidents, long term treatment needs related to spinal cord damage, brain trauma and traumatic brain injury (TBI), pain management issues including chronic headaches and neck pain.

Second, truckers have a trucking company for which they work, and trucking companies often hire attorneys to protect their interests. You must get representation from your truck accident attorney st louis who can advocate on your behalf and ensure the truck driver is held accountable in court or arbitration proceedings.

Third, many truck accidents also involve claims against other drivers such as passenger vehicle occupants (other cars) or bicyclists involved in the trucker’s incident. Your trucking accident lawyer st louis will need to coordinate these investigations, and any settlement negotiations should occur through an experienced truck accident attorney.

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