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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Spring Hill: Can I File a Personal Injury Case on My Own?

Jan 17

The legal crew Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group in Spring Hill, FL understand that the idea of hiring a lawyer amid other costs and impacts of your injuries might seem overwhelming. For instance, you might not afford a retainer. Then, you need to hire a lawyer in Spring Hill, FL with experience in solving cases the same as you. 

A Spring Hill personal injury lawyer spends many tears getting the education and training to offer quality services to our customers. The legal system entails complicated rules and processes that need time to learn. Individuals who don’t have this level of education and training won't know how the system works. 

Having a skilled personal injury attorney Spring Hill to help you with your case might prove vital to your capability to get the maximum level of settlement for your lawsuit. 

Because of this significance, we offer two unique services to ensure that anyone who seeks legal help is served well, irrespective of the ability to pay. 

Free Case Evaluation

Would you like to learn about the procedure of seeking compensation through the court system before you make a decision? Do you have any questions or concerns that you seek clarification on? Do you want more information about our law firm and experience with lawsuits like yours? Then, get all that and more during the case evaluation from our Spring Hill personal injury attorney

A Contingency Fee

At Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group, we do not charge retainers or hourly rates for our legal services. Our personal injury lawyer Spring Hill offers our services on a contingent fee basis. This means you won't pay for the legal services until we win the case and obtain the compensation you deserve. 

Apart from the services mentioned above, we help you in different ways such as:

  • Help you determine the potential sources of liability and which insurance policies to get for compensations
  • Help you establish value for your case based on the expenses and the impacts you’ve suffered, and those you might suffer in future.
  • Issue a demand package to the at-fault individual’s insurance company that details the accident and the impacts and expenses that have been incurred
  • Negotiate on your behalf with the insurance provider to reach a compensation agreement
  • Gather evidence and witness testimony required to prove your case in court
  • Attending and representing your case at the court pre-trial hearings and conference
  • Present your case in court and argue on your behalf
  • Assist you in collecting your compensation or court award of the settlement

Call (352) 544-0077 or contact our personal injuries attorney Spring Hill online for a case valuation now! 

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