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Amazon consultant: what can they do for your business?

Apr 24

Amazon is a wide marketplace for people who want to sell something and reach a global audience. This trend hit a boom when the world was struck by a pandemic. There was no other choice left but to move towards online business. When people understood this need, almost everyone started to go with the flow. The competition bar was raised so high that profit margins began to vary. This led to the need to hire amazon consultancy services which could help in taking the business to heights of profits. 

An amazon consultant provides you consultancy and helps you in amazon account management. This leads to strengthening your firm footing on this platform. If you wish to get it, then your one-stop shop would be Urtasker. It is amongst the best amazon marketing consultants. It will help you in framing a proper strategy to handle your business tasks.

What does an amazon consultant do?

It is high time that you move on to the next level in the world of online business. You start to look for consultant agencies that are located nearby your residency. 

Why not! When you have the means to grow your business’s worth, you can for sure look for hiring an agency that could do the careful work for you.

Help in strategy building:

Amazon consultants are the ones who help you in recognizing your actual goals. They help you in devising a path to fulfill them. They help you in your Amazon account management and product listing as well. Well, this has to be admitted that no one knows better than them about the ways to sell your items properly. They help you in ranking and even gathering the attention of your targeted audience.

Helps in creating a plan for business propagation:

The amazon consultants oversee every activity that happens in your amazon account. It might be your product pages management and evaluation or dealing with your sales analytics. By using the data present in your Amazon account, they help you to develop a business plan for the upcoming months and years that guarantee success.

Get attention and acknowledgment:

They realize that Amazon is a very busy platform. If you wish to be seen, then you will have to do something different to be the center of attraction. This is what the specialty of an Amazon consultant is.

Review management:

Amazon consultants help you to list those products that are likely to bring profits to your business and get reviews on them by the buyers. They also help in negative review management. You cannot have control over what reviews you get. Therefore the consultants teach you a professional way to deal with it. They educate you to acknowledge the reviews and so contact the buyer to resolve his issue. This will change the negative reviews into positive ones, and ultimately it will save your sales margin from suffering damage.

Helps in supporting your Amazon account:

This sounds weird but trust us; amazon consultants help in this aspect as well. They guide sellers about the rules and regulations so that they make no mistakes while using their accounts. They help you in choosing products that are good and permitted. They guide you about the gray area in which you might land and jeopardize your account unintentionally.

Help in advertising:

Amazon consultants guide you on the best path on which you can proceed with your advertisements. They will help you choose premium or self-service ads by evaluating the needs of your business.

Help you in improving your listing:

They are the best option when fixing product listing is concerned. They deeply understand the SEO running behind Amazon, and they know how to increase your ranking amongst others. They make use of different keywords to raise the rankings. Over-optimization should be avoided because it can get your amazon store in trouble.

How to choose reliable Amazon consultants?

When you decide to take the help of an Amazon Consultant, you must use the below-mentioned questionnaire.

Ask your consultant what Amazon services his company offers?

Amazon has been thriving in this world since the 19th century and has become a necessary part of our lives now. When you look for an amazon consultant, you have to ask the company or its representative about the services they offer. They might be offering Amazon SEO services or Amazon pay-per-click services. When you get a detailed answer from them, cross-match your need as it is you who will decide what your company needs.

Do they know about Buy Box?

For all those who might be wondering what a Buy Box is, let us explain to you.

It is a box that has the options of “Add to cart” and “Add to List” in it. When you start selling with Amazon, you need to have detailed information about Buy Box. Their main motive should be to move your company’s name into the Buy Box so that buyers purchase from your and not others.

What are their prices?

It is very important to keep track of the price the amazon consultant demands from you. If it falls within your budget, you are good to go; otherwise, who would like to compromise on the company's ROI? You have many other options to explore.

At Urtasker, the prices are not hidden at all and are published online. That is why they are said to be one of the best amazon marketing consultants.

What tools will they use?

It is very important to understand the different amazon tools that are present in the market. This will help you identify which of them to choose according to your needs. You will have to question the consultants about it and then analyze its compatibility with the issues you are facing.

Do they have a strong portfolio?

No one would like to put their trust in a consultant company that has just begun to work in this field. Ask them about their portfolio and the products they have been working on. Try to get an idea of their success rate at selling so that you can anticipate yours as well. If they do not have any experience or portfolio to show, then it is better to look for some other company.

What is their success rate?

No one would like to share their success rate with you because it is confidential. So you have to look at websites like Clutch or Good firms, where reviews are being given to many consultant companies. From there, you can get an idea of their client retention rate.

Who hires them?

Well, anyone with an affiliation with Amazon online business can hire amazon marketing consultants. Usually, they are hired by:

  • Those who have just set foot in the world of Amazon and do not have a grip on selling. This is because they are likely to make mistakes, and consultants with professional experience will help them in passing through the rough phase. In such cases, consultants can advise them to hire a VA to lessen the burden off their shoulders and relax in their house.
  • Those who have their private label can get help from amazon consultants. They can get advice about listing optimization or running PPC ads. They can get help from consultants when their listing is overtaken by some other amazon seller, and they do not know what to do about it.
  • Those who are working successfully as retailers may also require help from consultants. This is due to the competition they face. By getting advice from amazon consultants, they can create a plan for their further business development. This will help them to stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Those who work as wholesalers may also require help from amazon consultants. They can get expert advice which will help them to analyze their techniques and think to devise new strategies to get success. 

How to find Amazon Consultants?

Well, that is a pretty basic question, but it has different answers. Whenever we want to look for anything, we prefer to Google it. Here you can do the same by just writing down “Best Amazon Consultants in XYZ” or “Amazon Consultants nearby.” Then by looking at their reviews and portfolios, you can choose them as per the above-stated hiring-related strategies.

You can also ask other sellers who have been taking consultancy. They might refer you to the appropriate and trustworthy Amazon consultancy agency. Do not just stop on a single recommendation. Try to ask the bulk of sellers to get the best option.

Look on the platforms like Fiverr and Upwork when there are people who sell their services and charge money. This is by far the easiest and most trustworthy way to look for amazon consultants.


Selling on Amazon can be fearful and worrying, especially when you are new in this business. Urtasker can be your ultimate savior and can help you achieve what you dream of.