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Get the Most Out of Divorce and Family Mediation with GetMediation

Apr 2

When couples living in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, are considering divorce or separation, it can be extremely difficult to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement. With both parties often feeling upset and frustrated with the situation, it can be hard to make sure each side is heard and each person’s respective needs are met. This is where GetMediation Birmingham steps in. Our team specializes in MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) Sessions, Family Mediation, and Divorce Mediation services to help ensure couples in Birmingham get the most out of their divorce or separation.

MIAM is a government-funded program that provides couples with the opportunity to speak with an accredited mediator to explore the best options for their individual circumstances. It is an opportunity to discuss divorce, financial settlements, child contact, and co-parenting arrangements in a safe, non-judgmental environment. MIAM sessions at GetMediation Birmingham employ Specialist Family Mediators so that all conversations remain confidential and promote communication between the parties. Couples who choose to partake in a MIAM session with GetMediation Birmingham often find that it provides them with a better and more constructive insight into their relationship than litigation or arbitration. Mediation allows the couple to derive their own solutions, either with the help of a mediator or on their own. This means that, rather than having a third-party decide for them, the couple can come to their own mutual agreement in a peaceful and respectful manner. 

Moreover, Family Mediation Birmingham enables couples to come to a solution in a much quicker and more cost-effective manner than traditional methods. By reducing the length of a traditional court process, couples can quickly come to a resolution and move on with their lives. This is important for couples who may have a significant amount of assets and child custody issues to negotiate, as the cost savings of MIAM Birmingham and Children Mediation Birmingham can be significant. At GetMediation Birmingham, our experienced mediators work with couples to help them create a fair and equitable settlement and explain any legal implications of the decisions made during the Mediation process. All discussions are voluntary, which encourages each party to participate fully in the process and allows for an honest exchange of information. With our mediators providing neutral guidance throughout, couples in Birmingham can be assured that the decisions reached are in their own best interests.

Additionally, Divorce Mediation Birmingham with GetMediation Birmingham allows couples to work out their agreement in private, outside of the public court system. This encourages a productive and respectful discussion on divorce-related matters so that the couple can find a solution they both can agree on. It is a much more personalized process than if each person was to go through the court system, which is often impersonal and expensive. No two couples are alike, and so no two divorces are alike either. That’s why at GetMediation Birmingham, we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients best. We provide a secure and confidential environment, practice impartiality and explain the legalities involved in any agreements made.

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