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IBC Tote Mixer

Sep 29

The non-mechanical  IBC Tote Mixers is the best mixer for re-homogenizing liquids in corrugated bag in a box liquid totes and polyurethane foam insulated liquid tote containers. This IBC tote mixer can also be used for mixing in disposable LDPE plastic bag liner totes. The patented IBC tote mixer process creates large air bubbles which penetrate and mix deep into the liquids of the corrugated bag-in-a-box tote, resulting in faster mixing than conventional mechanical IBC tote agitators that leave a shear film on top of the liquid. This shear disrupts the surface of the liquids and inhibits re-homogenization. The patented IBC tote agitator mixing process eliminates shear and mixes the liquids into a dense, finely dispersed cloud. This results in faster mixing and better product distribution, homogenization and re-homogenization than mechanical IBC tote agitators.

IBC tote mixers for sale for standard poly IBC totes and stainless steel tote containers can quickly mix settled liquids and high viscosity liquids at any level of the liquid in the tote tank container. This industrial IBC tote mixer agitator has no moving parts and can be operated with any type of compressed air or gas. The IBC tote mixer is lightweight, portable and weighs only 6 lbs. It can be mounted directly on to the bung opening hole of the IBC tote tank container lid using a sanitary clamp, and no extra tote mixer bridge mounts are required.

These IBC tote mixers have a 316 stainless steel propeller that folds down for insertion through the IBC tote lid bung opening, and then unfolds to mix the contents of the tote container. The 316 stainless steel shaft has a 3/8-inch diameter, and a 9-inch propeller diameter, with an 8-ft three-wire cord with plug on TEFC models.

Pulsair's efficient, vertical "bottom-up" gravity mixing process is the fastest IBC tote mixer agitator on the market. It works by sequentially injecting bursts of compressed air/gas through a mixing probe attached to the IBC tote tank lid bung hole. This sequence of air pulses creates huge flat air bubbles that penetrate and instantly mix the liquids at any level of the tote tank container. This is much like a 1-gallon paint shaker, but much more effective since it can penetrate the whole tote container.

IBC tote mixers can be used to agitate liquids in a variety of applications including food grade, chemicals and pharma. They can be used in a number of liquid bulk packaging tote container sizes and types such as 275 gallon tote tanks, 350 gallon tote tanks, and 1000 liter IBC tote tanks. They can also be used for re-homogenizing liquids that are being heated to reduce time-to-temperature and heat-exchange losses in the tote tank.

The IBC tote agitator can also be used for mixing in corrugated bag-in-a-box liquid totes, polyurethane foam insulated liquid totes and disposable LDPE plastic bag liner totes as well as a wide variety of industrial IBC tote container applications. The IBC tote mixer can be used in conjunction with an IBC tote heater blanket to shorten the time-to-temperature for heating liquids in the tote tank.

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