Androscoggin County inmate information being pregnant discrimination lawsuit

A former Androscoggin County inmate recently filed a lawsuit against Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce and five county jail employees.

A woman in Androscoggin County is suing Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce and five county jail employees on allegations that she was handcuffed while pregnant and her right to privacy was violated when two county correction officers were stationed in the hospital delivery room during her birth were two months later. “

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The woman was Jaden Brown. She and her attorney Sarah Churchill filed a civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Portland earlier this month. According to the lawsuit, “handcuffing a pregnant inmate violates prison guidelines, federal and state laws, and the posting of two correctional officers in the hospital labor and delivery room – without her permission or a request from medical staff – violates Brown’s right to privacy.” ”

Brown went into labor on February 11, 2019 and was not allowed to have family members present for the birth of her child. However, two of the MPs named as defendants in the lawsuit were allowed to enter the room. In fact, “both officers saw Brown and their child’s naked and exposed bodies,” argues the suit. The complaint goes on to say:

“The plaintiff did not pose a safety hazard or threat to anyone while she was a patient at Maine Medical Center during the birth of her child.”

Brown became an inmate back in July 2018 after filing a pending arrest warrant for violating parole. She was pregnant when she tied up and was sentenced to 15 months in Cumberland County. Eventually she was moved from prison to a “pre-release center” that is part of the county prison complex.

Around December 29, 2018, inmates at the pre-release center complained that Brown “threatened to hand them over for drug use.” While she did not threaten the other inmates, the lawsuit states that she “reported them for drug use.” As a result, she was removed from the pre-release center and sent back to prison. She was 35 weeks pregnant at the time. Brown was handcuffed on the way back to prison, although it was not a security risk. The suit states:

“As a result of the actions of the defendants, the plaintiff has suffered injuries including, but not limited to: fear, embarrassment, shame and humiliation.”

In commenting on compensation and damages, Churchill said the amount of damages had not been determined. She added that she and Brown are leaving that decision to a jury.


The lawsuit alleges that Cumberland County Prison violated the rights of pregnant inmates

The lawsuit alleges that Maine prison violated the rights of pregnant inmates

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