Delhi HC instructs the government to provide reasonable accommodation for slum dwellers

The Delhi Supreme Court, exercising the right to rehabilitation of slum dwellers, ordered the Delhi government to make appropriate arrangements for Dhobi Ghat Jhuggi dwellers with immediate effect.

In the present case, the court was brought to the attention of the petitioner (union representing the Dhobi Ghant Jhuggi Dwellers) by means of a petition, as allegedly their houses had been demolished and had to survive in extremely unsanitary conditions without sanitation, water supply and other essentials Amenities.

The petitioner argued in court the lack of a viable environment necessary for a decent human existence.

The petitioner’s attorney noted that it was the duty of the state to ensure that the necessary precautions were taken before the onset of rain and that basic hygiene was respected, especially in view of the ongoing pandemic.

The opposition attorney argued that the deadline for entitlement to rehabilitation was January 1, 2006 and that the members of the petitioners’ union did not live on this land before that date and that subsequent intruders therefore had no right to rehabilitation.

The bank noted that the government has not yet established the basic right to rehabilitation of slum dwellers, and that people cannot be left alone on the streets, nor can they be asked to evacuate a place where they have lived for two years Decades.

The bank instructed the Delhi government to follow its instructions and the cost of this would be reimbursed by the DDA.

The bank also mentioned that the most urgent need of the day is the rehabilitation of members of the Petitioners Union who are currently living in tarps.

The above order was delivered at Dhobhi Ghat Jhuggi Adhikar Manch v Delhi Development Authority & Ors.

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