Is the sports betting race in Canada slowly and steadily winning?

A Canadian Senate Committee advanced C-218who have legalized single game sports betting in Canada, to the full chamber Friday.

The Standing Committee on Banking, Commerce and Industry Heard by panelists, including provincial regulators and responsible gambling organizations. The committee met with panelists from tribes earlier this week, the Canadian Gambling Association and Canadian Football League.

The committee was scheduled to have a “clause-by-clause” meeting on Wednesday, but the chairman of the committee was It is. Howard Wettton started the process on Friday before having a private discussion of possible changes. Video coverage of the meeting ended before the committee returned, but the senators were positive about the bill.

“Bill C-218 was passed publicly in committee this afternoon with no changes. It will be presented in the third reading next week in the plenary hall for further debate, ”said Senate Communications Officer Ben Silverman wrote in an email to LSR.

Parliament has until the end June to pass bill amending the nation’s criminal code to allow sports betting on single games in Canada. Regulation of the industry would fall to each province in the same way US Sports betting falls on individual states.

Ontario sports betting fast on?

Should Parliament pass C-218, Ontario Sports betting will start at the end of the year 2021, according to David Phillips, the Chief Operating Officer at Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission.

The agency was “embedded in a regulatory framework” to create a “competitive and regulated gaming market,” said Phillips.

Canada’s great opportunity

Ontario is a crown jewel for sports betting providers in Canada. To start with, AGCO has already said that it wants an open market that operators like Toronto-based The score and Draft kingsthat expanded and NFL Partnership in Canada earlier this year.

PointsBet hired a former manager of the DFS operator Monkey knife fight to direct its Canadian expansion. In this week, BetMGM partnered with The Hockey News, likely a piece for the Canadian audience.

Operators would see a significant market opportunity as the population of 14.6 million People would be the fifth largest US state. Ontario already has a vibrant gaming community too 28 land based casinos. Toronto has teams in MLB, NBA and NHL, and shares a border with NFL teams in Detroit and buffalo.

British Columbia bullish on sports betting

The British Columbia Lottery Commission also works on sports betting framework. British Columbia is the third largest province with the third largest city in the country, Vancouver.

Stewart Groumoutis, BCLC Egaming Director, Estimates $ 250 million in terms of potential tax revenue has left the province in the past five years.

Groumoutis said single bets “almost instantly” through his PlayNow.comcurrently offering parlay betting. He said there will be products for commercial casinos but there are no details yet.

Responsible gaming supports sports betting in Canada

Responsible Gaming Advice CEO Shelley white spoke in support of C-218.

White said the council is already working with AGCO on its rules to roll out by the end of the year.

“The way it is currently unregulated, people at risk are at risk,” she said. “C-218 would ensure that risk reduction strategies are in place and those at risk are protected.”

Lawyer Donald Bourgeois and Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport President and CEO Paul Melia spoke on questions about match fixing and how legal sports betting can strengthen integrity in sport. Questions that focus on whether the Criminal Code needs to include a specific language for match fixing.

Travel of sports betting in Canada

C-218 began as a Invoice from private memberswho often have difficulty getting support. Nonetheless, the bill dragged on throughout the session and it got out of the way House of Commons on April 22.

sponsor Kevin Waugh wasn’t overly optimistic that it would pass the Senate and estimated his chances of “50-50”.

Despite Waugh’s early reluctance, the Senators appear more than ready to work on the bill.

Senators more willing

Recently, Senator Brent Cotter told the Canadian press it had a “better chance than 50-50” and was an urgent problem.

Senator David Wells TSN said a final Senate reading could be held from C-218 Thursday. If the Senate passes the bill, it may have to return to the House of Representatives before heading out Governor General.

Sen. Don Plett told Globe and Mail it will be law by summer.

“If I were a bettor, I would bet on the passport,” said Plett.

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