Nowhere did Bar settle a wrongful demise lawsuit from a deadly incident in January 2020

Nowhere Bar recently agreed to settle an unlawful death lawsuit filed over the death of Christopher McKinney in 2020.

Nowhere Bar recently agreed to settle a lawsuit with the widower of a Louisville man who died last year after an argument with a bar bouncer. Christopher McKinney was the man who was killed. Under the latest agreement, his widower Nicholas Clark “will get a financial settlement and Nowhere Bar will also publicly apologize,” said Georgia Connally, Clark’s attorney.

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Commenting on the matter, Connally said:

“Nowhere does Bar publicly apologize to the community and to Nicholas and Christopher’s family … We still don’t give up our struggle for justice so something similar doesn’t happen to someone who is later loved.”

What happened? Well, on January 5th, 2020, McKinney was found unresponsive at the bar. After he was found, he was taken to the hospital and treated for blunt violent head injuries. He died hours later. According to police reports, “a bouncer took McKinney out of the Nowhere Bar for being unruly when there was a brief argument.”

The lawsuit, filed last summer, found McKinney “was drunk and forgot his coat ticket before getting into an argument that resulted in his removal”. During the argument, “a security guard threw him out the bar’s door and onto the terrace … and a bouncer hit Christopher hard in the head with a closed fist.”

According to police records, “McKinney swung at the bouncer first before the security guard responded with a blow to the head and knocked McKinney unconscious.”

During the altercation, the suit further alleged, “The off duty officers took care of the bouncer’s welfare and did not allow medical patrons to assist McKinney … who died after being alone on the cold January sidewalk in a pool had been from his own blood. “In addition,” LMPD improperly investigated the bouncer, a man from Indiana, by not taking blood or urine samples for testing and by not pursuing some witnesses. “It turns out,” the bouncer told police he was in earlier drank a shot of alcohol that night, “said the police.

As a result of the incident, Clark sued the bar, the bouncer and general manager and owner of the bar, the Louisville Subway Government, the Louisville Subway Police Department, and three police officers serving as security at the bar during the altercation were.

Connally noted that while LMPD and the Louisville Metro government “are not part of the settlement due to immunity issues … we are still considering our options for dealing with LMPD.”

Despite the recent deal, Clark also said he “wasn’t done pursuing criminal charges”. He added, “This has always been my top priority.”


Settled lawsuit against Nowhere Bar over the death of a Louisville man

Following the man’s death, a false death lawsuit was filed against Nowhere Bar

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