PIL in front of Calcutta HC for the deployment of Central Forces in West Bengal

Following the violence in various parts of West Bengal following the results of the 2021 parliamentary elections, a public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Calcutta Supreme Court.

Moved by a group of lawyers, the PIL has raised concerns about the lives and freedom of the citizens of West Bengal who are at risk due to the alleged violence and inaction of the state police.

The plea has affected authorities such as the Union of India, the Indian Election Commission, West Bengal State and various state police authorities. The plea mentioned failure to comply with obligations on the part of such authorities during the relentless violence following the assembly elections in 2021.

The petitioners alleged that after the results were declared, the ruling party activists attacked the homes of people who supported the opposition parties. Such activists have ransacked their property and physically assaulted the innocent public who did nothing but vote for the opposition party.

With the plea, the problem of fake news spread on social media and creating disharmony between different communities and religions within the state was further raised. The plea says that while all of this continues in the West Bengal area, the managing authorities are keeping an eye on the whole matter.

The plea found that police staff are completely insensitive to the issue and are the least concerned about the number of deaths that occur due to disagreements between political parties.

The PIL has asked for the appointment of SIT to conduct an investigation into the ongoing problem. take reasonable steps to stop post-election violence; for the deployment of central forces for at least one month; and instruct respondents to pay adequate compensation to the families of deceased victims.

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