The SC informed the WB government of the objection raised by the CBI / SIT investigation into post-election violence

While the Apex court heard a petition requesting a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) / SIT (Special Investigation Team) investigation into the killings of two BJP workers during the post-election violence in West Bengal , the court sent a notice to the West Bengali State Government.

The petition alleged that the BJP workers were killed by members of the Trinamool Congress on the day the assembly election results were announced, that is, May 2nd. The petition was filed by the brother of one of the deceased BJP workers and his wife the other.

The petitioners requested the constitution of SIT to investigate the case under the constant scrutiny of the court. That being said, the petitioners also sought an investigation into the widespread violence that took place in West Bengal following the election of TMC to power.

The lawyer appearing for petitioners had stated before the court that the West Bengal police had taken no action against the brutal murders and assaults that took place after the election. The attorney also highlighted attempts to undermine the investigation.

The lawyer also alleged that due to the state police’s inaction, the court was urgently required to monitor the investigation. The lawyer also prayed for the video recording of the autopsy of a deceased who had not yet been cremated.

However, the bank stated that it could not consider the above prayer ex parte.

The same problem of police inaction was brought before the West Bengal Supreme Court by a group of lawyers who alleged a sizable West Bengal population had been subjected to physical assault, sexual assault and theft after TMC was declared the winner of public elections.

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