WATCH: Greatest Practices: Rescue your outdated AR and shut the yr financially robust


Speakers: Jordan Turk, Manager for Legal Content and Compliance at LawPay and Rosemary Kupfert, Product Expert at CORE Legal

This webinar by BQE CORE Legal and LawPay explains how you can maximize collections, implement modern processes, and close your law firms year-end financially as law firms start forecasting and budgeting their year-end finances for the new year strong!

Jordan Turk, Legal Content and Compliance Manager at LawPay, and Rosemary Kupfert, Product Expert at BQE CORE Legal, discuss innovative billing practices and how and when to implement accounting best practices to help your law firm achieve better cash flow. You will also learn how to collect obsolete receivables faster and easily manage trust and operating accounts for future business success.

Learning goals:

    • How to create a clear, consolidated and actionable list of outstanding AR balances to avoid future depreciation
    • This is how you accelerate the acquisition process
    • Tactics to optimize bills and other tools to get paid faster
    • New solutions that your law firm can implement to continuously increase sales in your law firm

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